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Farmer's Almanac

Farmer's Almanac 


Employee Spotlight

Meet Karen Roden

Name: Karen Roden

Town: I've lived in Piggott, AR for 48 years.

Tell us about your family: I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren. My daughter Kim Romine and her husband David have two boys, Adam, 12, and Andrew, 10. My son Kyle Roden and his wife Anna have a two-year-old son Luke.

How long have you worked for MFA? I've worked for MFA since they purchases Morris Farm Center in 1994. 20 years.

What you like about agriculture?: I have made many friends and have been able to work with most of the locations. I have been in ag business since 1983 and love it. I consider all of the area farm families friends.

Hobbies: Reading and camping

What you should know about me: I want everyone at MFA to know how much I value their friendship and consided each and everyone a part of my family.

Name one thing that has contributed to your success in life and/or your career? My parents are the reason for the person that I have become. They taught me how to work and to always have respect for everyone.


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Jul 15 355'6 355'6 350'6 351'4 -2'0 351'4s 05/29 Chart for C5N Options for C5N
Sep 15 361'6 362'0 356'0 357'4 -2'2 357'2s 05/29 Chart for C5U Options for C5U
Dec 15 367'4 368'0 367'4 368'0 -2'0 368'0s 05/29 Chart for C5Z Options for C5Z
Mar 16 381'0 381'0 381'0 381'0 -2'0 378'4s 05/29 Chart for C6H Options for C6H
May 16 398'4 -2'0 385'4s 05/29 Chart for C6K Options for C6K
Jul 16 404'4 -2'4 391'0s 05/29 Chart for C6N Options for C6N
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jul 15 930'4 935'0 930'0 934'4 8'0 934'0s 05/29 Chart for S5N Options for S5N
Aug 15 919'0 919'0 919'0 919'0 5'0 919'2s 05/29 Chart for S5Q Options for S5Q
Sep 15 919'6 4'4 907'6s 05/29 Chart for S5U Options for S5U
Nov 15 908'6 908'6 904'0 905'0 3'6 905'6s 05/29 Chart for S5X Options for S5X
Jan 16 909'0 3'6 912'6s 05/29 Chart for S6F Options for S6F
Mar 16 917'6 3'2 916'4s 05/29 Chart for S6H Options for S6H
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jul 15 476'0 478'0 476'0 478'0 -11'6 477'0s 05/29 Chart for W5N Options for W5N
Sep 15 482'0 482'0 482'0 482'0 -12'2 482'2s 05/29 Chart for W5U Options for W5U
Dec 15 498'0 498'0 498'0 498'0 -12'4 497'0s 05/29 Chart for W5Z Options for W5Z
Mar 16 524'0 -13'0 511'4s 05/29 Chart for W6H Options for W6H
May 16 535'4 -13'2 520'4s 05/29 Chart for W6K Options for W6K
Jul 16 539'0 -12'6 525'2s 05/29 Chart for W6N Options for W6N
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